More Pictures!

Our House


This historic home was built in 1860, right at the time of Abraham Lincoln's presidency and the Civil War. Put-in-Bay was just beginning to be settled at that time, but there were very few year-rounders due to the extreme winters. 



 This is an old photo showing the house in the far distance on the right, while acres of vineyards surround the main road, Langram. This is before the airport was established.

Christie & Cliff


This is us. (Although, you probably won't see Cliff on property very often.) He loves to fish and is often out on the Lake with his charter business, Freshwater Charters.

Gardens & Chickens.


We truly love sharing them with our guests to enjoy! Backyard chickens also live on the property in the red henhouse.



Our assistant Shaena helps with all that is needed to maintain our highest standards of cleanliness and service.  A local woman, like Christie, Shaena knows all about hard work, kindness and island living.