Our House

This historic home was built in 1860, right at the time of Abraham Lincoln's presidency and the Civil War. Put-in-Bay was just beginning to be settled at that time, but there were very few year-rounders due to the extreme winters. Christie's family settled on Put-in-Bay in 1880 and is one of the founding families of the island. This isn't her family home - there are several houses her family has lived in throughout the years - but it sure feels like it!


Besides the two large trees in the front yard, the property is surrounded by gardens and even a row of grapes! Since the house was home to acres of vineyards, we thought it a good idea to keep up the grape-growing tradition!

Charlie the Cat

Ok, I know everyone who has a cat says this, but we REALLY mean it. Our cat is amazing. Really. You'll just have to come and see for yourself. 

Christie & Cliff

This is us.


We truly love sharing them with our guests to enjoy!