A one-of-a-kind Gift Shop in Put-in-Bay where OntkOrganix is created daily.

We make stuff!


Yes, you read that right. We make our own organic products right on site! Our Gift Shop in Put-in-Bay, Freshwater Remedies is the birthplace of OntkOrganix, our island created line of body and skin care found right  next to our BnB. We're organic in Put-in-Bay!


No harmful stuff.


What. So. Ever. Just amazing, island made organic products at our Gift shop in Put-in-Bay. Safe for you and safe for the Earth.

Fun things to see!


We have other stuff, too. Not JUST organic products, but other fun stuff, too! Books, Angel Cards, Incense, and even JEWELRY! Who doesn't love JEWELRY?

We're organic in Put-in-Bay & Maui.

Spring/Fall - Saturdays 12-5

Peak Season - 7 days a week 12-5.